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PaymentNepal is a financial technology, authorized by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), which will create a payment platform through the internet. PAYMENTNEPAL supports the electronic transfer of money from a customer's bank (issuing bank) into a participant's bank (acquiring bank) as payment for goods or services bought.

Choose PaymentNepal; register for the PaymentNepal and the Payment Nepal will be integrated in your website with the help of a web host provider.


PaymentNepal will connect participants to their customers all over the world through an online Payment Platform and help participants to receive payment anywhere from the world through card payments.

Of course, PAYMENTNEPAL supports Nepal currencies as domestic transactions are also carried out.

Those willing to sell products or services through an online medium. Business like Hotels, Ecommerce sites, Exporting and Importing business, ISPs’, PSP, Travels &Tours, Cargo, and so on.

PAYMENTNEPAL is available all over the world.

We provide 24/7 customer support.

Yes, the company is rightfully registered.


Our service is available in all parts of Nepal.

No, You can reach us through online medium like our website(Chat), E-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram which ever feels convenient to you to book an appointment to proceed.

That solely depends upon your transaction volume.

The charges depend upon the services you require from us.

It will take 4 - 5 working days for you to become a partner   participant on PAYMENTNEPAL. Just register through our website.

Yes, you can customize the payment Page according to your requirement with nominal charges. Whereas in the website we will already provide you with a matching checkout page.

The statement will explain in a simple and transparent way about what personal data we gather about you and how we process it.

The payment is safe as our system is PCI DSS compliant and the card details are kept safe with a 3D secure system.

No additional integration is required.

Yes, all transactions as well as card holder data are protected from potential fraud.

For a partial list of websites that accept PaymentNepal, see logos above. If there are websites you frequently buy from and would like them to add PaymentNepal to their site, you can send them an email or call them with your suggestion.