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The payment platform to launch your online business worldwide.

PaymentNepal is a payment platform of Gateway Payment Service Pvt. Ltd that allows online business to accept card payments from the purchases made by their national and international customers.

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Initially, we accept VISA card, Master card and Union Pay Cards.

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Shop from all over the world

Customer checkouts from the website and pays in the website through our reliable, easy and secure mode, PaymentNepal

How it works

No restriction, people from every corner of the world can purchase goods through card with a payment option of PaymentNepal.

Your e-commerce site

No restriction, people from every corner of the world can purchase goods through card with a payment option of PaymentNepal. Accepting all currencies.

PaymentNepal, the payment processor

PaymentNepal (Payment Processor) validates the card information with the customer's bank to proceed with the transfer.

Money directly Deposited to Seller’s Bank Account

The transaction amount is debited from the customer's bank and is credited to the participant's bank account.

Quick and easy

PaymentNepal Sandbox

Millions of customers around the world can use PaymentNepal to shop in websites through cards.

Can handle multiple transactions per second

PaymentNepal Offers partner programs designed to help grow your business.

From customer friendly payment experience, online registration to fraud protection, easy tech integration to 24/7 support, our platform has what you need to innovate to scale

We can be a big part of your business but not a big part of your time. We help make it simple with an easy way to streamline payment processing that can help optimize your cash flow


For Business

Become a technology partner Become a reseller.

We have payment solution for wide variety of industry. Our payment processing tools and competitive rates give you a quick and convenient way to begin accepting major credit and debit card brands.

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Accept payments online

With PaymentNepal, your customers can pay online through their card be it credit card or debit card. You will be able to accept cards like VISA, Master card and Union Pay cards.

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Charge by invoice

You can charge your customers on the basis of invoice generated in your website during the process of checkout.

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Removing financial complexities

The facility of reconciliation by tallying your transaction with your bank account details. We also provide reports your order details in formats you require.

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Get paid where you do business

Your business will have mobility. You can serve customers of any national and fulfill their order as you will have power to accept every currency through our payment platform.

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Secure transaction

Security is the key feature of our system. You can manage your risk with our platform.

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Better rates

Comparing to the facility we provide, the rates are nominal. We charge on the basis of your transaction volume.


For Shoppers

Shop with security

We protect your money with eligible purchases. If any purchased products or service turns out to be unauthentic and different than shown we will sort it with the sellers. We avoid any atrocity in the process. We maintain proper inventory checks with our sellers (Participant) to abstain any contingencies.

Online Shopping

Benefits of PaymentNepal

Launch Online Business
One stop solution to launch online business
Website designing
Professional expertise
Thumbs Up
Minimal transaction failure, increasing customer satisfaction
Online registration & verification facility for quick onboarding
National & International Online Market exposure